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Sports Games and Competitions: Why Americans Have It Right



As I am accompanying my third grader to his hockey championship yesterday, I had an epiphany -again- at how different the culture I grew up in (French) and the one I live in (US) are, and I have come to understand a thing or two.

For weeks I take him to his games on Sundays. The first time I heard a dad yell “Go get it Joey”, I thought “What an overenthusiastic Dad”, but then Josh’s and Jonah’s and Jakey’s parents all got into it too. That’s when I realized I should probably get into it. The problem is, I wasn’t really sure I knew what was going on. I figured out the rules pretty quickly, after all I grew up in soccer country where we also have goalies and a ball instead of a puck. It pretty much boils down to the same set of rules.

For me these games became a time to think and compare (cultures, that is) and laugh internally. My initial reaction at these games was “Are these parents crazy?” Growing up in Paris, we never had competitive sports like that. Even if you take your kid to play a game, you don’t worry if she wins or loses; the point is to have fun. No one I knew growing up chose a high school or college based on what kind of team the school has. Yes we are soccer country, but unfortunately, unless you are a pro, being into sports means you  mostly play casually with other kids after school or on Sundays in one of the local parks, without coaches, water bottles with logos, or personalized jerseys. But mostly it means we watch it on TV.

But that gets me thinking. Perhaps this craziness about winning in sports at a young age is why America has the number one economy in the Western world? Kids are taught not just to play; they are taught the value of teamwork and of respect on the playing field. The desires to be part of the team and to win are ingrained at a young age. Children are taught the value of ambition and success. They are exposed to the benefits of teamwork. You don’t just play to have fun. That’s just selling yourself short. You play to create something, to create value. In business terms, the teams that are created at these games are a complete synergy. No kid on his own, including the best player, is a hockey player without the team. But together they have created something, a game, a bond that will exist for a while, and even (let’s not knock it) some great fun.

And when my son’s team won the Championship yesterday and was handed that trophy that he was so proud of, even cynical-me had to hold back the tears.

Spring Things We Love…Teen Style


You asked for it so here it is!

Spring has arrived and with it comes the updating of closets. Who doesn’t love new clothing and accessories?

In honor of spring we have rounded up a few items that could be worn together or separately, and most importantly could be worn over and over without breaking the bank.

So here it goes. There is nothing more springy then the nautical feel of stripes. As soon as spring arrives we love to wear those; they are a good way to make us forget the long cold winter and look forward to the summer. This top has 3/4 sleeves – it is still spring after all – and could be snatched this season at LL Bean.  Pair it up with this awesome black tulle skirt from TreZ’Unique for a polished look. The great thing about this skirt is that it could be dressed down or up and it is a classic. We have a soft spot for anything tulle. And apparently so does Carrie Bradshaw AKA Sarah Jessica Parker.

The stylish teens we know never leave home without something around the neck. We opted for this lovely spring scarf from Modcloth. The snazzy mix of colors make this easily matched with almost any top. They’ll need a good pair of sunglasses to get them through the (hopefully) sunny spring. Aviators are the way to go. We recommend getting a pair from Target; they’re just as cool as the designer ones minus the price tag. And you won’t mind when they get forgotten at one of the BFF’s.

Three quarter sleeves mean bracelets are a must. We love stacked bangles like these high quality gold-plated bangles from TreZ’Unique. Some may prefer to wear one alone and that’s pretty too. Ballet flats are such a graceful way to finish the outfit. They are perfect for spring, when all you want to do is lock up those boots but it is not quite warm enough to wear anything open-toe. We love those Chanel-like flats from Yosi Samra.

Voila! Hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews and don’t forget to share your pics of stylish teens! We are always looking for inspiration!

Stay tuned for our spring girls favorites and baby picks!