About Us

TreZ’Unique was established in 2009 by Valérie Susskind and inspired by her children. Wanting to combine her passion for fashion and her Marketing MBA into a business took a lot of hard work and dedication that has since paid off. Valérie was born and raised in Paris , France where she was surrounded by haute couture fashion. She has since moved to New York and earned her MBA at the NYU Stern School of Business after which she spent 5 years marketing cosmetics and fragrances for luxury brands.

For the past 15 years or so, Valérie has been on the lookout for unique children's products that are high quality, beautiful and functional. As a gift giver she never settles for run-of-the-mill gifts and will opt for boutique style funky stuff that will make parents and children smile.

TreZ’Unique carries a stylish line of children's clothing that is fashionable and trendy yet traditional and classy, shoes that are fun and comfortable yet whimsical and full of personality. It ranges from girly pettiskirts to personalized baby shoes to fun T-shirts with a touch of bling. We offer eye-catching, quality, comfortable clothing and an enjoyable shopping experience. That is why you can buy confidently from TreZ’Unique today and again in the future. Our promise of satisfaction is what makes us so popular with those seeking unique infant and toddler clothes, crib shoes, baby gifts, unique girl clothes and personalized items.

Have an idea that would be perfect for TreZ’Unique? Want to share pics of your child in TreZ’Unique clothing or shoes? Have feedback for Valérie and the TreZ’Unique team? We'd love to hear from you, just click here